Hello to You!

Creatives, Crafters, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Independents, Online retailers, and High Street Stores – Welcome!

You are a success; you’ve got this far, head down and working hard.

Perhaps you don’t see that, through the exhausting, overwhelming, cycle of day-in-day-out churn to keep customers happy, interested and buying from you.  That dreadful feeling of worry when you think about money, maybe you’re at the point you ignore thinking about it till it’s urgent, exclaiming “I don’t have enough time!”  Oh, I know. I’ve been there!

As an entrepreneur and small business owner you face challenges every day running your empire.

Having to carve up your time across:

> Buying  > Selling  > Designing > Displaying  > eCommerce  > Accounting  > Dispatch  > Customer Service  > Marketing  > Social Media

Would you believe me when I tell you there is another way?

Imagine how great it would feel to spend a couple of hours with support and guidance from someone who knows where you’re at, at the end know you have next season’s product range sorted, your marketing planned, your sales plan sorted.

Wouldn’t it feel great to make more profit without having to sell more stuff?

To implement a few minor changes to your business, that result in a massive increase in your sales?

Let me help you through 121 Retail Coaching

We’ll work on your business, your products, improve your sales and profit, after all, it’s my business to grow your business.


Katharine is very knowledgeable and great at coming up with ideas as we spoke through my situation.  It was great to speak to someone who isn’t close to me or my business to get a totally different perspective.

It just made me realise what is actually possible with an element of focus, hard work and determination.  I loved that Katharine encouraged me to think a bit wider than I’ve already been thinking and she had some pretty awesome ideas that I don’t think I would have even thought about myself.

Kath Routledge


Are you stuck...

Feeling a lack of time, knowledge or confidence is holding you back with any of these?   >> 

  • You love your business, but are in need of oomph to get your passion back, as sales are sadly lacking?
  • You’re a crafter with an idea or micro-business but don’t know where to start making everything professional… creating your dream and turning it into a career?
  • What started as a hobby has grown, and all of a sudden you’ve been thrown into full-time running of a business as you scale up?
  • You’re selling on Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, NOTHS, Ebay, or Amazon, but are not seeing the sales you would like?
  • You want to know the skills and tricks of the big multiple retailers? How to apply those methods to your small business to see real results?
  • You have a product range but are confused over what to charge, how to work out your retail and/or wholesale prices?
  • Worrying about your competitors? Do you know you need to keep an eye on the market, find new ideas, but never have the time?
  • Accounting has to be done, again… but you don’t know your weekly, monthly, quarterly figures? How to keep track of your stock and sales?
  • You’d like to have a budget to work to when planning ahead for your business… So you can finally start to pay yourself a proper salary!

With 121 Retail Coaching you'll gain the support you need to resolve these issues.


I have next to no time and not enough knowledge to do the task of creating my online shop and knowing what to include etc, Katharine guided me patiently through the process. She saved me from weeks and weeks of work which eventually would have stopped me from creating the store.

Such a RELIEF! It made me feel like a huge task had been achieved! Thank YOU KATHARINE!

The Interior Designers Club @


Mentoring Places Are Limited

The Retailer Resources 121 coaching / mentoring programmes are offered to a maximum of 5 non-competing businesses at any one time.

Our bespoke approach allows for support as individual as you and your business, to work at a pace that suits your timeframe and budget.

Your programme will be uniquely tailored to your needs and will include regular contact with Katharine Miller, via email, video and phone calls.

VIP PROGRAM 12 weeks of help and support via email, access to Katharine’s weekly Office Hours video call
PLUS 121 coaching consisting of 8 x 60 minute and 4 x 30 minute calls, and Whatsapp message support.
INVESTMENT – 1x payment of £2397 or 3x installments of £799

GLOW PROGRAM 8 weeks of help and support via email, access to Katharine’s weekly Office Hours video call
PLUS 121 coaching consisting of 4 x 60 minute and 4 x 30 minute calls, and Whatsapp message support.
INVESTMENT – 1x payment of £1248 or 3x installments of £416

GROW PROGRAM Perfect when you need support with a specific problem, a single project or launch
4 weeks of planning support via email, access to Katharine’s weekly Office Hours video call
PLUS 121 coaching consisting of 3 x 60 minute and 1 x 30 minute calls, and Whatsapp message support.
INVESTMENT – 1x payment of £998 or 2x installments of £499

To find out more about taking your retail business forward with bespoke 121 coaching:

Hear what some more of our clients say:


Katharine has been an absolute gem the last couple of weeks. She has gone out of her way to help me with a client's Facebook shop that was misbehaving. We were completely stumped but Katharine, quickly realised what the issue was, suggested a solution and we fixed it. I cannot tell you how relieved we were and truly grateful to her for her knowledge and expertise. Safe to say she is now my go to retail resources guru!

If you are an online retailer then you NEED this lady in your life!

Sally Todd



Katharine has been really helpful with my endless questions about my website, both SEO and conversion. Very friendly and useful. Would recommend.

Adam Roe



Katharine was extremely kind and helpful with a few of my questions on my etsy and even talking me through putting a side cart on my website.

Hugely recommended, definitely 5 stars 🙂

Lynn Whitehouse