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Meet Katharine, founder of Retailer-Resources Ltd.

Find out all you want to know about our company values, history and community, with a few words from our Company Director.

You could say business is in my blood; since a young age I strove to create products to market and find avenues to sell them.  While still in school I’d designed and produced, from scratch, a range of craft kits and spent each weekend setting up stalls at craft fairs and table top sales.  I worked my way up from those first small sales, to owning my own multi-channel business.


I have eighteen years’ experience within the many different environments of retail; bricks and mortar and high-street franchise stores and concessions, entrepreneur startups and online stores of different sizes and turnovers. I have been building ecommerce websites since 2015.


I’ve worked with clients across the globe helping them to grow, scale and confidently approach the challenging environment of the ever-changing retail world.  I understand every business – and business owner – is unique and complex. 


My mission when starting Retailer-Resources is to simplify your working life by showing you tried and tested strategies – with implementation support tailored to you and your brand.  I’ve been through the struggles first hand, and now I’m here to help you!


My real passion is taking away the confusion and frustrations that you might have, helping you to see a clear path towards achieving your goals, allowing you to enjoy business in a way that works for you. Just one way is through The WARE Club.


It’s a free resource for retailers where I regularly post mini training topics and advice.  You’ll find kindred spirits talking about the retail industry, business, websites, marketing, helping each other out, and occasionally just chatting about cats!

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Katharine Miller, Founder and Retail Training Provider