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How to Make sales on Facebook & Instagram

Imagine having your online shop open, making sales on auto-pilot AND having a tracking system to combine content marketing with powerful analytics normally available only to giant retail corporations!

No more:

  • Writing “DM me to buy” on your posts and hoping…
  • Feeling frustrated because you’re missing sales opportunities
  • Being put off from attempting to try by hearing others say how confusing the process is
  • Worrying about doing the fiddly techy things on your own
  • Feeling disheartening spending lots of time marketing on social media and not getting many sales

With my Social Shops Sorted course you’ll know what to do to get started and selling, without Googling each step, or reading through vague, (and often irrelevant!) Facebook Help Guides.

You may have tried and failed to get your Shop created going round in circles of the process, or even have been rejected for a Shop in the past.

You may have a shop already but it’s not working properly; with duplicated or outdated products that have been out of stock for an age, or Business and Commerce Manager is confusing to you… You are fed up of feeling stuck, and frustrated, shying away from even sending customers to what is a confusing shopping experience for them and a poor representation of your business.

When it comes to shopping on social media our audience is ready to act – 54% of Facebook app users said they bought something after seeing it on the platform, and 38% on Instagram.

A whopping 87% said they took some kind of action after seeing product details on Instagram – actions like following the brand or visiting their website, so important for building your brand, finding your tribe!

Let’s get you Sorted!

This course is for you if:

  • You‘re ready to sell physical goods allowable under Facebook Commerce Policies – this excludes digital or electronic items, alcohol, adult products, and healthcare items. Please read these policies carefully.
  • You don’t yet have a website and you’re wanting to be taken as seriously as you feel about your passion business
  • You have a website and want to gain more customers completing checkout from your marketing
  • You’re procrastinating and putting off tackling creating a shop again and again
  • You’re ever down on yourself for not having it done already
  • You’re feeling less-than – why do others have it sorted when you can’t figure it out?
  • You’re anxious that you’re losing sales
  • You’re fed-up of keep coming back to this on your to-do list when there’s so much else to do
  • You’re feeling like you’re only playing shop – saying message me or DM to buy
  • You’re done wasting time answering messages when customers could just click to buy. Save those messages for meaningful relationship building with your followers!
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Downloadable Resources

If you’re anything like me, with any new learning, you’ll forget how to do some key process in a week or two, or a problem will pop up, but you’ll already have the resources to refer back to!

Even better than that you’ll have access to a Facebook Group and weekly Q&A’s just for Facebook and Instagram shop owners! Perfect if you need expert support, or just a little like-minded company and co-working.

You’ll be confident and calm as you turn your computer on, in your ecommerce groove ^_^

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Automated Selling!

Sales pings with zero personal effort.

I can help you achieve relief as you finally get this done, able to concentrate on the more fun side of your business once again, while presenting a proper, more professional, business look to the world. Feeling proud and elated every time that sale notification pings through unaided and automated!

I’ll show you how to measure your promotions and campaigns to make them really work for you

Save hours of time finding your way round the huge system that is Business Manager on your own, sifting through Google and You Tube tutorials when you get stuck… Who needs another late night elbows leaning on your laptop, chin in hand, as you attempt to make heads or tails out of your Shop stats – that important job which never seems to get completed!

You’ll be set up with a Social Shop that works to sell for you AND a tracking system to combine the powerful analytics normally only available to huge retail corporations – with Facebook’s analytics combined with your marketing and my analytics tracker.

Just like I helped Sally with her FB and IG Shop issues:

five star Facebook review from Sally Todd saying how to set up a facebook and instagram shop made easy by the resourceful retailer's help


Your Social Shop Sorted – how to make sales on Facebook & Instagram in a 5 day online course that explains:

  • How Facebook and Instagram shops can boost the profitability and resilience of your product based businesses
  • How to set yours up properly – even if you’ve already tried or been rejected
  • My top tips to avoid the most common issues my 121 clients come to me with
  • Analytics and Facebook Business / Commerce Manager so you’ll know what to do, where, and why in this area that can be very confusing to navigate!
  • If you have a website or other sales platform online, we’ll also look at how to combine your new FB / IG shop in the easiest, most effective ways for simple management and marketing.

How to Make Sales on Social Media - Your Facebook & Instagram Shop Sorted in just 5 days!

Day One – Get Ready to Sell

Day Two – Your Shop Set Up

Day Three – Facebook Business Manager and Commerce Manager

Day Four – Marketing for Sales

Day Five – Using Analytics for Growth

BONUS – Download my very own analytics tracker!

PLUS – You’ll have access to a Facebook Group and weekly Q&As!  Perfect if you need extra support.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I access the course materials?

You’ll be emailed a log in link after purchase. All your materials will be available immediately once you have your log in, in 5 modules, so you can work at your own pace. Your log in usually arrives quickly, but do allow up to 24 hours.

When can I access the private Facebook support group?

You can request to join the group as soon as you purchase!

What if I don’t finish the course in 5 days?

Each module takes an average of 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete, but don’t worry if you need to refer back to the training, you’ll have continued access for the life of my business!

What can I sell in my Shop?

You can sell physical items – this means you shouldn’t sell digital or downloadable products from your Facebook Shop page or Instagram Shopping. I know, I know, I see others selling downloads too… I recommend following the rules to avoid risk of losing your account completely.  This course is designed for UK versions of Facebook and Instagram.

I sell services; can I have a Facebook or Instagram Shop?

Unfortunately services cannot be listed in FB and IG Shops at present, only physical products.

Do I need a website to have a Shop?

You do not need a website for a Facebook or Instagram Shop! That is a key benefit when starting out in a product based business, even before you invest in a website, you can have an online store front!

How much does a Shop cost to run?

A Shop is free to have on both Facebook and Instagram. 

If you use the pay through platform feature (not currently available in the UK) there is a payment processing fee as with any payment provider, so do check out the checkout fees relating to your own Country.

What if I’ve already tried and failed to have a shop!

I made this course after working 121 with many clients just like you! I’m confident if you’re selling a product, that doesn’t go against Facebook and Instagram selling policies, you can get a shop up and running. You will also have Q&As to go through any issues with me, if you need help.

I already have a shop that has issues, I need help right away!

Don’t panic – I got you! I’m known for my calm and capable ways of working through problems, it’s why I have a Problem Solving Power Hour waiting for just such stressful moments.

If I change my mind, can I get a refund?

As you’ll have instant access to all course materials no refunds are available.  If you change your mind prior to receiving your login email you can request a refund here.

You can read full T&Cs here.

If you're putting your time and energy into marketing your business on Facebook and Instagram, then social commerce quite literally is made for you!