Facebook and Instagram Shop Set Up Support


Discover how to set up a Facebook and Instagram shop on your social media business profiles – make the most of the followers and fans you already have in your online community – by offering them an easy way to buy from you.


Facebook and Instagram Shop Set Up Support

Are you:

A beginner with selling on social and need a fast fix?

Trying to thrive but struggling with the tech?

Watching all the how-to YouTube videos and still stuck?

Then our Facebook and Instagram Shop Set Up Support is for you!

Discover the process of a startup store combined with your social media business profiles, and make the most of the followers and fans you already have in your online community, by offering them an easy way to buy.

Better than just another load of guides, with 121 support you will have access to an expert as you go through each step of set up of your Facebook Shop, or Instagram Shop. So if you encounter any problems along the way you’ll not have to worry as you can ask any questions as they come up.

How long will it take to set up my shop?

Most new shops are set up within a couple of hours – you do not need to be on a call for this long – this is how long it takes for your products to show up in your inventory.  Your Shop may take up to a week to be verified by Facebook and / or Instagram so there is a little patience involved.

If you already started the process and got stuck, or have a shop which is broken, it can occasionally take a week, very rarely two – this is due to wait time that may happen as Facebook systems can take a while to catch up with changes we make to your existing shop front or store catalogue, or to review past rejections.

Will I have to give access to my social media accounts?

No access is needed! Support is via video screen share on a Zoom call, and quick action Messenger chat, both scheduled and when-you-need-it approachable advice. 

Can you just set my store up for me?

If you would like a done for you service this is possible, by adding Retailer Resources as an admin within Facebook Business and Commerce Manager.  Please get in touch to discuss your needs and have the task taken off your to-do list!

I’ve tried to set up a Facebook or Instagram Shop and been rejected, will this help?

Possibly! Please get in touch to discuss this before purchasing Facebook and Instagram Store Set Up Support.

Can I connect my website to my new shop set up?

Yes indeed! In fact, we encourage it, as it will make your stock management so much easier, and marketing your website so much simpler. Currently Facebook integrations are possible with: WooCommerce on WordPress | Shopify | BigCommerce | Magento | OpenCart | ChannelAdvisor | CommerceHub | Quipt | ShipStation| Zentail

What others said about Facebook and Instagram Shop Set Up Support:

PLEASE NOTE: Digital downloads, healthcare items or services are unable to be listed in Facebook or Instagram stores


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