7 Key Steps to Choosing Great Web Hosting

Like most major decisions, taking your shop online should not be taken lightly and considerable thought needs to go into your website. Your store needs a safe, reliable, predictable, scalable, expandable place to reside, and that's where your website hosting comes in.

How to boost your sales on social media

Over 50% of internet users have actively looked for products on Facebook - not bought because of an ad, gone looking for things to buy. This is huge news for retailers because it demonstrates a shift in how people are using social media; it’s no longer purely a place to build brand recognition and direct people to your website.

Choosing a Domain Name for Selling Success

The first building block to success online is securing a domain name that reflects your business, is unique and memorable. Here are 3 key pointers to consider when choosing a domain name for selling success that will shift your online retail focus from hobby to professional.