Welcome to The WARE Club

Who needs a friendly eye looking over their WordPress site back of house? Anyone who has one!

As you’re running your ecommerce empire, those never ending updates and site health checks drop quickly to the bottom of your task list…

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You spend seemingly endless hours a month scheduling content, or you’re in that frustrating place of not wanting to even send potential customers towards your site because you feel embarrassed about how it looks  >_<

You groan at the thought of uploading your carefully created product descriptions, finding your way around WooCommerce and thinking about all the search engine optimization you have to do!

SEO – not a clue what it really means, or what really matters to bring traffic to your site?

You feel like you’re just winging it! Worrying that when people arrive on your site, they rarely buy anyway.

You find yourself searching through pages of plugins every time you want an additional function…

Or you get shiny object syndrome, seeing new ideas discussed in your social groups and before you know it you’ve lost a few hours on a frustrating and confusing plugin install you can’t see yourself ever wanting to look at again!

Worse – you’ve been hacked or attacked with malware and had to spend time and money fixing the issues that could have been avoided with a strong, secure and well maintained behind the scenes set up.

It’s time to get confident in your WordPress website

with practical and powerful support

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What's Included:

Sign up to WARE Lite today to:

Have peace of mind your website is updated, and back-ups are carried out.

Avoid potential headaches with regular site health and security checks.

Get knowledgeable advice on what plugin is best, when you need new or additional functions.

Save on your time and workload, to lessen your stress.

Focus your energy on higher value tasks that you enjoy!

WARE VIP includes all of the above plus these tremendous time saving, super sales boosting extras:

Member support Q&A calls each month – get advice on a wide range of retail topics that get results – covering tech, marketing, sales growth, search engine optimization, and more.

SEO optimization checks – meta descriptions, title tags, photo optimization, site speed, and more.

Get your website looking how you want it to, with expert advice on site layout for customer experience, at hand.

Choose one of these admin tasks, to be done for you each month, that best suits your store’s current needs:

Content updates – up to two blog posts scheduled, OR one site page added / updated for you (content must be provided).


Inventory management –new product listings (up to 10 per month, content must be provided) OR price changes, sales scheduled, existing category management.

Katharine brings the knowledge of a retail team on your side


As a retailer for 18 years, both on the highstreet and online, I know the many pulls on your time; every minute is precious as you focus on your product and sales growth.

My own Ecommerce web stores have been built with WooCommerce on WordPress since 2014, starting out with a developer built site that I didn’t know how to manage myself! I had to learn the hard way when the developer left me to it rather abruptly. I spent years learning, investing in courses on the system itself, on search engine optimization (SEO) and on digital media marketing; all to boost my Ecomm business, alongside hands on experience managing multiple high street stores from Oxford Street in London to Independent boutiques.

I love learning ways to keep growing my businesses, and I love helping other business owners achieving and exceeding their dream goals too! So I became a qualified trainer, to do just that for fellow retailers.

My membership packages put together all the things I am asked for the most when supporting my retailer clients, in an affordable monthly price, to provide you with the benefits of a retail mentor, website support and admin, all rolled into one.

What Others are Saying:


If you are an online retailer then you NEED this lady in your life!

Sally @



Katharine is very knowledgeable and great at coming up with ideas as we spoke through my situation.  It was great to speak to someone who isn’t close to me or my business to get a totally different perspective.

It just made me realise what is actually possible with an element of focus, hard work and determination.  I loved that Katharine encouraged me to think a bit wider than I’ve already been thinking and she had some pretty awesome ideas that I don’t think I would have even thought about myself.

Kath @



Katharine has been really helpful with my endless questions about my website, both SEO and conversion. Very friendly and useful. Would recommend.

Adam @



I have next to no time and not enough knowledge to do the task of creating my online shop and knowing what to include etc, Katharine guided me patiently through the process. She saved me from weeks and weeks of work which eventually would have stopped me from creating the store.

Such a RELIEF! It made me feel like a huge task had been achieved! Thank YOU KATHARINE!

The Interior Designers Club @



Katharine was extremely kind and helpful with a few of my questions on my etsy and even talking me through putting a side cart on my website.

Hugely recommended, definitely 5 stars 🙂

Lynn @


Frequently Asked Questions

How long am I signed up for?

This is a monthly, recurring payment membership. You can cancel at any time following the link on your initial payment receipt email, or log in to your members area on the website. This will stop future payments, you will retain access to the membership until your paid for month expires.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

As Club benefits are available immediately upon payment, refunds are not available. If you have any issues, need support, or are unhappy in anyway please email info@retailer-resources.com to resolve. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Can Katharine build or update my WordPress website for me?

Yes, there are limited timeslots for bespoke builds and upgrades available each month. Get in touch to discuss.

I’m a service business, can I still join?

If you are a WordPress user the WARE Club has been designed for you, with the emphasis on selling physical goods or digital products online. Service businesses are welcome to join WARE Lite, but should consider WARE VIP only if they are considering adding an extra income stream in product sales, to ensure they receive the full benefits of membership and Katharine’s knowledge.

My website is on Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, or another platform, can I join?

WordPress is the only platform covered in the WARE Membership. It is where I enjoy building websites, and so to give myself and members the best in expert experience, it is the only platform focused on. Read about other ways to get support here.

Does it matter what Theme or Site Builder I use?

I am experienced with commonly used themes and popular page builders such as Gutenberg, Divi, Elementor, WP Bakery, and Thrive, plus many of the more obscure types! If I haven’t come across your preferred system yet… well I’m keen to learn! If for some reason I am unable to get to grips with your behind the scenes system I will fully refund you and do my best to refer you to another website expert who can help.

How do I access the monthly calls?

You’ll receive a link to join in via Zoom. These are a low pressure, drop-in type event, with the opportunity to ask questions, get advice or work along with me on your current ecommerce project. These are group sessions so please be patient if I am helping another member, everyone gets the time they need on the call.

I’ve signed up, how do you access my website to start supporting me?

You’ll receive an email with info on getting started once your subscription payment is set up. Do check your spam folder if you can’t see it. If it seems to have gotten stuck in the internet ether please Get in Touch.

Skipped to the end? No worries, just read this:

This is the Club for you if you have a WordPress website, you want one, you want to upgrade your current one or you want to learn how to add shop functions.  Flexible, practical admin support and advice from an expert retail mentor and experienced WordPress builder that covers tech, marketing, sales growth, search engine optimization, and more for £85 a month as a WARE VIP.

Only need a tech admin boost to your site health and SEO? Then WARE Lite is for you, at £24 a month.

For £85 a month

For £24 a month